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About Panama City Massage Therapist, Janet Gladis...

As a former care-giver, Panama City massage therapist Janet Gladis is committed to your well-being. Just look at her track record and you'll see why so many Panama City area residents are crazy about her services...

Is fully certified by the renowned School of Soothing Arts - Healing Therapies (#MM10177) in Destin, Florida
Is registered as a fully licensed massage therapist by the State of Florida since 2003 (#MA38026)
Has specialized communication skills to help enhance the quality of life for those in later stages of life
Is a certified Compassionate Touch Practitioner since 2009
–> Is a proud member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA), one of the most respected massage associations in the US
Also a proud member of the Audubon Society
Certified in Bamboo Fusion Massage
Over 12 year member with the Retired Senior Volunteer Program
Has volunteered her service over the last five plus years volunteer at the Emerald Coast Hospice in Panama City
Specialization in pain reduction and pain due to accidents, repetitive injuries or a disease such as Fibromyalgia
Plus specialization with caring for the elderly and Alzheimer's patients

A Personal Note From Janet Gladis, Massage Therapist

Janet Gladis, massage therapist - Panama City, Florida "I'm a happy, energetic person with a positive outlook. I'm well educated and always willing to learn more in order to specifically help a client.

"I have been practicing for for over 12 years. My initial training began in 2002. My uniqueness is based on the varied training received at multiple institutions, introducing me to a variety of excellent teachers in their field.

"My personal experience with Fibromyalgia fuels my continuing education process. I have taken courses geared toward my clients with this disease and specialize in it.

"My greatest strength as a massage therapist is to listen to my clients and tailor their massage therapy session to their needs, it is my trademark.

"I am a former care-giver to my Mother who suffered with Alzheimer's before her death in her home in 2005 at the age of 87. The only full body massage I gave my mother was at the age of 85. She said, 'It was nice,
but I do not think that I need it.' She didn't want to put me out, but she always told people that I was a good massage therapist. She let me massage her hands and knees when the arthritis would bother her.

"I thank God for letting me have that time to be of service to the most important person in my life, my Mom. She taught me all throughout her life, even when she was ill. Caring for my Mom has led me to incorporate Compassionate Touch® Therapy as a speciality. I have the passion to be of service to the elder population and those in hospice care. The body may be weak but the mind can still be sharp. I feel that I can communicate this and inspire professionals to work with the elders of our society.

"I would like to incorporate care for the elderly into my business model. I constantly share the mission and vision of the Compassionate Touch® at the Caregiver's Conference that I have participated in for the last five years. I have been a main sponsor for the conference held annually in Panama City.

"I'm always looking to increase my contacts in the retirement facilities and two Hospice organizations, and training hospice employees about Compassionate Touch®. I love the fact I offer Compassionate Touch® to my clients and would like to continue to be effective as a Compassionate Touch® instructor.

"Of course I also work with many people who just need to relax. So while you're on this site, be sure to print out the special Panama City Massage gift certificate and give me a call at 850-625-9086 to book an appointment time that's convenient for you. There are no catches. It's just a little gift so you can find out firsthand how great massage can be when performed by an experienced professional."

Here's Why She's Considered One Of The Best Massage Therapists In Panama City And The Greater Panama City Area...

Read what a delighted client had to say about their experience with this talented Panama City massage therapist.

"Janet Gladis is an exceptional massage therapist. Diligent in her studies to become a more knowledgeable healer and educator. She approaches each massage with an intent to improve the lives of her clients."

Kevin Donovan, Licensed Massage Therapist – Panama City, Florida

Gift Certificate

Massage makes a unique gift. If you need to get something special for a friend or loved one in the greater Panama City area consider a massage therapy gift certificate. Call Janet at 850-625-9086 to order today or pass on this special Panama City massage gift certificate.

And it gets even better. There is no need to battle weather, search for parking and waste your time traveling. Janet will come right to your home or office. The ultimate in convenience!
Panama City massage gift certificates

Panama City massage therapy expert Janet Gladis also provides massage therapy for the nearby cities of Panama City Beach, Lynn Haven, Springfield, and Callaway.

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Specialist in Pain Reduction,
Repetitive Injuries,
Fibromyalgia & Stress Relief

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